B. A. Fine Arts Bard College




LaHuerta Art Club Installation NYC



Art Toronto VELLUM PROJECTS the painted flip flops

3 Women 3 Men The Library at Central Booking

FORMATTED Court Tree Collective Smith & Jones Art

532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel WINTER SALON

Offline at Central Booking NYC PROTEST SHOW



PAPER MONUMENT Offline at Central Booking NYC

532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel WINTER SALON

2015 Smith & Jones Art Brooklyn NY Conversation, Bacchanalia

The Elements of Desire, Offline at Central Booking


Vellum Projects, Burn, Whether Again, Far Rockaway,

532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, PAINTINGS and SCULPTURE


Station Independent, NYC, Summer Break curated by Leah Oates

Vellum Projects, Brooklyn, NY, site installations, Glo_stallation, Candy_land skydrop


Vellum Projects, Sonic 9, Crazy Ghost Fish, curated by Stephanie Young,

•History Lessons, Brooklyn, NY, curated by David Gibson Article Projects,

•Whitebox, New York, NY, Benefit to Honor Ai Wei Wei


Pearlescent, Marcy Brafman Paintings, 532 Gallery Thomas Jaecekel, New York, NY

•Ode on Melancholy, Janinebean Gallery, Berlin, Germany, courtesy 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel

•Drawing with Pictures, New York, NY, curated by Article Projects David Gibson

•Vellum 6 Pop Up, Brooklyn NY

•Aqua Art Miami, Miami, FL, 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel

•2010 Aqua Art Miami, Miami, FL, 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel

•Autosemblematic, Local Project, LIC, NY, curated by Jennifer Junkermeier


Paper in the Wind, 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, New York, NY

•Backroom Biennial, NY Studio Gallery, New York, NY

•Brooklyn Artillery, Brooklyn NY, curated by David Gibson

•Quixotic Beast, Vellum Projects, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Stephanie Young


Truth or Consequences, Marcy Brafman Paintings, 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, NYC

•Bronx River Art Center, site mural, Metropoles Art in Action, Bronx, NY, curated by Jose Ruiz

•Inaugural Exhibition, 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, NYC

•2007 Kinz, Tillou, Feigen, New York, NY, By Invitation Only

•Meet Qute, Heskin Contemporary, New York, NY, co-curated with Elizabeth Heskin

•Girls Gone Wild, Amy Simon Fine Art, Westport, Conn.

•Vellum Projects @Supreme Trading, Brooklyn, NY


War: What is it Good For? BK Smith Gallery, Lake Erie College, Cleveland, Ohio, curated by Lyz Bly.


Realform Projects, Face Value, Brooklyn, NY curated by David Gibson

•Culture Vulture, Jack the Pelican Presents, Brooklyn, NY

The paintings of Marcy Brafman can be considered empathic gestures. They deal with situations which are inherently symbolic, sometimes taking on the symbol as an icon, and sometimes mining it for its humanistic traits mired in narrative that exist outside of fine arts but not outside of the human condition. This is what proves the nobility of her endeavor to transmute abandoned symbols into devotional gestures.  She recognizes that our world is a Pandora’s box of humanistic concerns, and that it is art’s role to provide a last dollop of hope.



These are paintings born of Jackson Pollock, the end of nature, comic strips, cartoons, rock n roll, John Singer Sargent and a long toxic immersion in the living billboard of electronic and digital life. They are mixmastered with Marshall McLuhan, Velazquez, Karl Marx, Thorsten Veblen, daytime television, and motion poetry on the streets and roads, the great American highway of picture, image, word. 



•Vellum #19 Art Toronto 2018

•1000 Living Artists Rembrandt's Dog 2016

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